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Don’t you just hate recruitment agencies?

The way they constantly harass and cold-call you and your HR department, the lack of quality, or inappropriate CVs they send you, not to mention the massive cut they take from your business.

But the reality is, not all recruitment agencies are the same; dismiss them all under one stereotype and you could be missing out on finding some truly outstanding candidates, beyond those you’re able to find on your own.

Read on for 6 common misconceptions about recruitment agencies:

1) You can find the same candidates yourself

Finding the right employee isn’t just about posting a job online and waiting for the CVs to roll in. Online jobs boards are of course useful, but they’re limited to those individuals already looking for a job. Recruitment agencies are able to use their unique networks and relationships built over time, to connect you to a far bigger marketplace. Consider the amount of resources you’ll need to invest in your search if doing it in-house; time spent looking by your workforce is time spent away from other priorities.

2) They don’t know about the jobs they’re recruiting for

Of course, this is crucial – after all, without an understanding of the skills and experience needed to carry out the job, how can you stand to find the right candidates? Most recruitment agencies provide specialist knowledge in certain areas, usually built from years of experience working in particular industries. Look out for recruitment agencies that are honest about their specialisms, take time to understand you in your briefs, and ask for further information to help them in their search – they’re likely to improve your prospects in the long run.

3) They take a big commission for very little work

Despite what you hear, recruitment agencies do far more work than meets the eye – sifting through hundreds of CVs is time-consuming and laborious, and hunting out the right employee takes time, persistence, and ingenuity, not to mention valuable industry contacts. But what really matters is that the cost of failed hires to employers will generally far outweigh the cost of a recruitment agency – in fact, it could cost more than 4 times the salary of the vacancy you are trying to fill. When you think about it, are you really saving yourself money?

4) Tonnes of poor quality, inappropriate CV’s just waste my time

We completely agree. When it comes to recruitment, quantity never wins over quality – the right recruitment agency will invest their time and efforts into tracking down the best possible candidate for your vacancy, rather than throwing hordes of CV’s your way and hoping for the best. Use an agency that does their research right, and you should be provided only with proven and experienced candidates.

5) All recruitment agencies are the same

It’s true of course, that there are agencies more concerned with hitting targets than the quality of their service. But for every one, there’s another agency out there with a focus on building long-lasting valuable and personal relationships to achieve the results they’re looking for. The success of any agency rests largely on how well it engages with its clients – a failure to acknowledge and act upon client needs will only result in the search for the right candidate falling short. Your recruitment agency should be providing you with a unique advantage in the marketplace – if they’re not, then perhaps it’s time to change?

6) Filling a job vacancy is easy – why pay for it?

Yes, it’s easy to fill a vacancy… if, of course, that’s all you’re looking for. But most employers aren’t looking to fill a role with just any old candidate – you want to build the best possible workforce for your business. Good recruitment agencies use a thorough and detailed screening process to get to know every candidate, and match them to the most appropriate roles. It’s what a recruitment agency can offer in terms of time and expertise invested in your search that will prove the most valuable in the long run…and leave you free to take care of business.

Might the right recruitment agency be able to help you with your next job vacancy? If you’d like to talk to us about your recruitment needs, we’d be happy to offer our advice and answer any questions. Just get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in detail on a strictly no-obligation basis.

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